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You never thought that it would come to this.  You never wanted to have to find a lawyer to help you file for bankruptcy, to help you get money for an accident that was not your fault, or to file for divorce.  But now you do have to find a lawyer and you want a lawyer that you can trust.  Now is the time to turn to McGohey Law.

McGohey Law provides personal representation at affordable prices.

Legal TechnologyAt McGohey Law, we provide personal representation for clients in distress – the distress that comes from financial strain, from an injury that someone else caused and the distress that comes from family separations.  After almost a decade of all shapes and sizes of cases, and extensive experience representing corporations and insurance companies, Attorney McGohey knows both sides of the litigation aisle.  Attorney McGohey has dedicated this practice to providing personal representation for individuals in need.  Attorney McGohey will fight for you.

At McGohey Law we work hard not just to win your case, but also to keep our services affordable for individuals.  We keep our costs low, using technology to help wherever possible, and charging you based on what you can afford.  We know that individuals cannot afford what insurance companies can pay and we also know that you are contacting us, at least in part, because of financial distress.  We do not advertise a fee for all situations because we know that your case is unique to you.  We urge you to tell us about your financial situation, so that we can solve the distress of paying for an attorney, on top of everything else, together.

Once we have an opportunity to meet and talk about your case, at an initial consultation, we will discuss the fee for our services and how to pay that fee.  We provide options, including electronic payment and credit card options, payment plans and similar methods for your convenience and to provide you with access to services you need.  Remember that the services we provide are an investment for your future, financial, family and otherwise.  We can make a difference for you in your time of need that helps you for years to come.

Chapter 7 & 13 Consumer Bankruptcy

Manchester, New Hampshire Bankruptcy Lawyer

Attorney McGohey represents clients throughout Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties in personal bankruptcies. She understands the sensitive nature of filing for bankruptcy, and she works closely with her clients to ensure that the bankruptcy process goes as smoothly as possible. When creditors keep calling you and you don’t know what else to do, it’s time to call Attorney McGohey to see what your options are concerning a bankruptcy.

Manchester, New Hampshire Personal Injury AttorneyCivil Litigation in New Hampshire

Civil litigation can take on many forms. If you find yourself in the middle of a civil litigation lawsuit and you don’t have legal representation, McGohey Law, PLLC can represent you in all matters that involve a civil dispute between two parties.

Whether you are negotiating a property line dispute with your neighbor, or you have been sued by an individual for failure to abide by a contract between the two of you, legal representation is in your best interest.

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McGohey Law, PLLC works with clients beyond personal injury and bankruptcy as well. If you are dealing with a consumer bankruptcy or civil litigation issue, Attorney McGohey can help. Your case is important, and you will discuss the details of what you are trying to handle on your own with Attorney McGohey. Together you will come up with a plan that gives you the representation you need to get your life back on track.

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